What can you expect from your experience with the BE by Design™ process?

  • To understand the version of who you are right this moment while discovering the influences that you have allowed to shape you
  • To become friends with yourself and love yourself unconditionally
  • To identify, appreciate and let go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve your higher purpose
  • To eliminate judgment of others & appreciate all human beings are making the best choice for their current level of consciousness
  • To learn to use the ego instead of allowing the ego to use you
  • To embrace the path of the spiritual warrior, delighting in the full gamete of emotions/reactions that come up when faced with external circumstances
  • To embrace the power of relationships as the greatest gift for learning the truth about all aspects of yourself
  • To discover the wonder of moment by moment choice
  • To be able to express your needs while respecting your personal boundaries & the opinions of others
  • To be joyful for no good reason [no object referral]
  • To stop drama and stop defending your self-image
  • To experience an internal state of bliss and peace
  • Acceptance of uncertainty - leading to increased creativity
  • Knowing that all sickness is 'home sickness' - come home to your soul
  • When you see the possibilities in whatever happens
  • To experience nonattachment to outcomes, rather delighting in having preferences only
  • To operate from knowingness
  • To be willing to surrender [hardest thing we'll ever do is surrender the ego and trust the universe will provide everything]

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