BEing by Design™ Testimonials

BE By Design: How I BE Is Up to Me Public Workshop

Workshop held on 27 October 2012, Brisbane

  • I can use all of the content in my personal life and work. I love the Intention Model and the Brain Model. Outstanding workshop, very valuable.
  • Christine is very personable and very easy to relate to and listen to - keeping it real.
  • Content was fantastic and informative and everything that I hoped for. Very enjoyable day, thank you for helping me grow.
  • Content is fabulous. Great use of analogies, examples and humour.
  • Absolutely awesome in every way.
  • Loved it and would love to do your next one.
  • Loved the enthusiasm, analogies, humour, and including our real life situations to help us learn.
  • Loved the content - it was most relevant to me needs.
  • Thought provoking.
  • Awesome day.
  • Easy to understand.
  • I loved the whole course. Interaction was great and you set the environment so that everyone could be open and honest.
  • Excellent! A well structured journey that was in logical order and that built incrementally.
  • Content and delivery was outstanding. I would attend any future workshops and recommend highly to others.
  • Well segmented into the 4 content pieces. Great workbook. 

A mix of comments from the 23 participants at the Workshop

Workshop held on 9 February 2013, Brisbane

  • Christine was absolutely brilliant! She uses practical examples and has an engaging, fun, open facilitation style. Most worthwhile session I have ever attended! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Loved the delivery with humour and activities whcih re-energise. Content very relevant for all of life and I have taken a lot of points to take into my daily life to make me a better me.
  • The presentation was great and content was very useful. Facilitation was casual yet very effective.
  • Situations and applications shared were fantatsic. I grew through others. I would love a 2-day version - it would be highly valuable and fascinating.
  • Well-structured, informative and relevant. It was very engaging. Continue to do what you're doing!
  • I gathered valuable tools that I can use professionally and in my personal life - I enjoyed the day.
  • Content was descriptive and well guided. The facilitation was positive and enjoyable.
  • Excellent group interaction and use of practical real-life scenarios to help understanding of the BE by Design Model.

BE By Design: How I BE Is Up to Me Evening Seminar

Seminar held on 13 March 2013, Brisbane

- Great that it was interactive and we did tasks on the night so we know how to explore more when we go home
- Learned lots of points to be able to continue the self-knowing journey
- Very thought provoking
- The flow was great
- Christine presented with great energy and created the space for self-awareness without any pressure
- Enjoyed the content - It gave me somewhere to begin the process of knowing who I am and why I am that person

Pre 2012

From the beginning, this was going to be an experience like no other. The program offered the opportunity to genuinely look at the areas in your life, that when developed produce great results. Even 6 weeks since attending the program, the learning and skills are still current and being applied in my life. The way that Christine facilitated allowed for genuine reflection combined with strategies to build skills rapidly and apply to my life. The speed of acquisition and application of skills was assisted through Christine's style and program content with tools and techniques being a feature of the 'take aways' from the program. The content has been relevant in my personal and professional life and will prove to be an ongoing resource in the decisions I make and the way I interact with others. 

Cameron, Brisbane

I found the workshop invaluable.  Christine McKee is an extremely experienced and professional facilitator with an enormous wealth of knowledge.  I really enjoyed the variety of activities we undertook and the ability to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  I think this course would be beneficial for a wide range of individuals and groups.  I highly recommend that everyone undertake this course as I feel that what I learnt during this workshop has carried into my everyday communication. Thanks Christine, I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future.  

Sue-Ellen, Business Owner, Brisbane

Awakening! I feel light and everything is brighter. I am able to act and make choices that are right for me and I am being true to myself.  

Kristy, Brisbane