Leading by Design Testimonials

I lead a team of around 600 people in a large open cut mining operation.  Within that team is a layer of frontline supervision of around 40 people at various skill levels and with various opportunities for improvement.  This is the most critical layer of leadership within my department when it comes to delivering on Safety, Production and Cost, through the way they communicate, think, act and execute their work.  Where generic leadership programs will give some overarching skills and competencies, the work Chris carried out in our team was a game changer.  Using her unique skill set and focussing on the human psychology of the team, Chris was able to work with each individual to identify their opportunities and through on the job coaching give them the skills to unlock their true potential.  The results were outstanding and exceeded all of my expectations.  The level the team now operates at is worlds apart from its original state.  We have a frontline team who now have a suite of skills they would never have learnt in a generic program, are effective in communication, able to deal with difficult situations, have the confidence to confront issues and effectively bring them to resolve, set clear expectations and hold their people to account.

Our safety performance has improved dramatically with a TRIFR of a quarter of what it was when Chris started.  We are also achieving world class availability figures on our mining equipment fleet.

Justin Nuich Maintenance Manager


My interaction with Christine, which was organised through my company, has allowed me to realise that I can succeed in any role I wish to aspire to. The tools she provides you with, allow you to cast aside destructive tendencies, find the good in your troublesome colleagues, and build stronger relationships in your personal life. A very positive experience for me, thank you Christine.  

Darren Slade Superintendent Mining WA


Today I create my own inspiration. Before I needed to be and was looking and waiting to be inspired, now I just think about inspiration and hey presto here it is. There are a number of elements that have affected me; saying that I have changed is true, but it is more that I am using skills that I always had but wasn't using. Now I think more deeply to tackle what can be seen as complexities or negative situations, stretching my mind beyond where I had previously given up. This has manifested in the work place, where I look at everything and determine is this safe (physically and mentally), how much is this going to cost and what is my return on investment. Each interaction has a start and finish mechanism to ensure that I don't cruise throughout the day. At home I now apply this doctrine to running my household affairs like a business, but also using softer tones and patience that I wasn't applying consistently with my family and friends. In all things I am now the same person where ever I am and whomever I am with. I am a work in progress, happier, challenged and inspired.

Tom Powell  Manager


The amazing and beautiful Chris McKee adds a new dimension to your style whenever you come in contact with her. Her ability to “sow the seeds” of organisational cultural change is excellent. Further to this she equips leaders with the tools required to sustain the change and drive a culture of achievement and accountability. It has been a year since me and my team worked with Chris and we are still “pausing” and reflecting on the messages we send and outcomes we desire.

Scott Superintendent BHP Billiton Iron Ore WA


A new business strategy prompted me to engage Christine McKee to empower and strengthen my newly formed management Team.  Christine is a dynamic, well-articulated Facilitator.  The time we have spent with Christine was truly invaluable and the learning’s have remained with the Group.  Immediately Christine built a rapport with every person in the workshop and challenged each one of us to delve into our thought patterns and look at our behaviours and attitudes. Christine’s energetic nature was infectious and genuine and has left a lasting impression on all of us. 

Lorie Jardine General Manager


Having been a leader for 10 years, I have been exposed to lots of development programs aimed at arming you with the tools and techniques for changing your behavioural style.  While the content of this training has been good and learning it interesting, I have always found it to be too complex or time consuming to really translate to my every day work.  As a result I have usually lost heart and just given up as my workload got high.  Chris' principles and techniques are incredibly powerful yet simple in a way that is practically applicable and they actually save me time!!  I can honestly say that working with Chris over the past year has changed my life in a fundamental way.  

Rob D’Alessio Manager