Leading by Design

As so many of us are choosing to live and work in high-tech, fast paced, multi-cultural and multi- generational environments, it has never been more important right now to have Lead by Design. 

To Lead by Design it is important to have clarity about things like:

  • who you are
  • your strengths, attitudes, helpful beliefs, values, limiting beliefs, addictions and preferences
  • what your team members need and want to prosper under your leadership
  • whether your values and those of the business/company that you choose to be a part of are aligned
  • how to connect and enagage with your teams, colleagues and stakeholders
  • how to effectively communicate
  • how to 'read' your team members, colleagues and stakeholders to be able to influence their levels of motivation, growth and empowerment
  • ways to minimise stress and create well-being and balance for yourself and your team/s, and
  • how to meet and exceed production and profit demands

We recognise that your needs are very personal to you, the industry you work in and the current culture of your business, company and department. As a result, we do not offer a 'one size fits all' Leading by Design package. Instead we specialise in working alongside you to co-create and provide a holistic process that blends modern psychological tools and eastern philosophical perspectives with your unique company values, desired business outcomes and any site specific models and language you wish to maintain. The result is personal and business excellence.

We pride ourselves on creating internal capability and sustainability of the transformation you and the amazing people within your business will experience, across all contexts of their lives.


Outcomes you can expect:

  • Insightful and self-thinking leaders, individuals and teams, who consciously consider how their personal choices influence and impact self, others, the organisation as a whole, family members, community, environment and lifestyle
  • Increased safety efficiency   
  • Increased production output across all areas of the business, leading to increased profit
  • Genuine care and concern for the well-being of self and others in all aspects of life   
  • A culture of accountability that is rooted in openness to change, empowered learning for people and growth   
  • Leaders, individuals and teams having a clear sense of purpose within the business
  • Individuals working within the scope of their role, embracing their unique talents and being responsible for their outcomes and choices
  • Fun, laughter and enjoyment in the workplace
  • Respectful and engaging relationships built on integrity and desire for all people to speak their truth and focus on needs being met
  • Greater well-being, balance and harmony within the workplace leading to more effective relationships with team members, colleagues, stakeholders, partners, children and friends


Why work alongside BE Institute?

  • Our passion for people becoming the best they can be
  • Credibility and professionalism as our team consists of registered psychologists, safety specialists and organisational development and training experts
  • Our broad range of industry experience in the corporate, government, mining & resources, energy, rail, not-for-profit and private practice arenas
  • Sustainability approach: desire for long term outcomes by maximising internal capability potential
  • Environmentally friendly approach to delivery
  • Cost and time effective methods of delivery


Some of the great clients we have worked alongside include:

Thiess                              BHPBIO                               GEMCO                             Virgin Australia  

ALMC                               Xstrata Copper & Zinc        Newlands Coal                 MacMahon

Bechtel                             John Holland Group -  Mining                                       Rio Tinto

STS P/L                            Conexus Consulting           Assure Programs              OSA Group

Energex                            Sun Retail                          Origin Energy                     Power Link 

HSBC                                AMCOR                             Suncorp Metway                Ergon Energy

QTCU                                Arts QLD                           Hale Street Link                  Translink

QR                                    Boeing                               Macarthur Coal                   NLP Coaching School

Excelr8 [UK]                     Helford 2000 [UK]              St George Bank                  AAMI       

Hastings Deering - Institute of Technology


Please contact us for more information or to ask any questions on how we can assist you to find clarity on ways to be the best leader you can be.


We look forward to meeting with you.