BE by Design™ Coaching Testimonials


Working with Chris McKee has changed my world. Chris’s teachings have been like no other I have ever experienced. Chris taught me the concept of ‘present time’, empowering me to make the right choices in behaviour and thoughts. Chris opened my world to the possibilities of the mind and the mechanics of the mind allowing me to change beliefs and values instilled in me as a child that may no longer be relevant in my life. I have learnt more about myself in six sessions with Chris, than across my entire life span. I was particularly intrigued with the concept of loving the ‘whole self’, both the dark and the light side as the dark side is so often ignored. Chris is one of the most professional, creative, insightful, smartest and most fabulous women I have met. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and the BE Institute to any organisation or individual who is ready to create a fabulous life.

Bron - Brisbane QLD


Dear Chris,
Just to let you know, I cannot believe the difference to my relationships and life that, firstly being prepared to change one's habits/beliefs and secondly practicing all what we worked on. Everything we worked one has been such a big help. One of the biggest challenges was facing the fact it was me that had to change, but it certainly has been very worthwhile. I cannot believe it has helped in all aspects of life and all relationships. So I want to thankyou for working with me. I have been helped beyond words.Thankyou and all the best.   

Julie - Longreach QLD


Ok, first and foremost, I'd like to start with a heart-felt thanks - your down-to-earth nature suited me very well, and it was then easy to communicate and work with you. I felt comfy with you the first time we talked on the phone, and it was just as easy on our first face to face catch up. It's apparent that you know what you are doing, and your style and skills worked well with the issues that I needed to address. In fact, you made it almost appear too easy. Since we've cleared the main blocks, I've noticed a shift in my attitudes and also other's attitudes towards me. One of the major changes I'm noticing is that I no longer dwell on or hold on to things that will bring me down - without the underlying muck (good technical term, that one) it's easier to focus on the issue at hand and not have it weighed down by history. I really do believe that the methods you utilise are very well suited to people with issues that a firmly cemented and that "talking/lying on a couch" just can't budge.  

Robyn - Brisbane


One word - LIBERATING. I have a bounce in my step. I am relaxed, in charge and energised. The techniques allowed me to be able to release and cut ties and make steps ahead. It was great to be able to let go of bad feelings and enjoy a memory for what it is and move on from that.   

Asiha - Brisbane


'Wonderful growth experience. Life-changing. With the skills I now have I am living the life I always wanted. Thank-You!'   

Katie Darby - Brisbane