What is the BE by Design™ process?


How did the BE by Design process come about?


Over the past decade my quest for clarity of my higher purpose has been relentless. My drive to learn and study and experience, and know the pure essence of who I really am became the focus of all of my attention. While we will all have a different trigger for what propels us on this journey, at some point or another in our lives we start to wonder and question who we really are, and seek the true purpose of our existence. My trigger was a toxic relationship that I just couldn't step away from no matter how much my rational mind would harp on with clear evidence -  I was 'stuck' in an abusive cycle. This relationship turned out to be the most wonderful gift for me to 'wake up'. I realised then and continue to know now, that my time for remembering and awakening to my Dharma, or life purpose has never been stronger than the present moment - wherever you are at, right now. I just needed to truly get to know myself.

It has been an amazing journey of peeling back the layers of my past. I invested wholeheartedly in examining my social conditioning, beliefs, values, addictions, toxic behavioural patterns, 'should's and 'should not's', dramas and storylines I would allow myself to get hooked by. I explored the differences between the repetitive healthy and unhealthy relationships I created, and examined the types of people I allowed into my life who 'fed' my need for certain dramas.

In the process, it became clear to me that a critical component to me living the highest version of myself was a need to be able to genuinely have compassion for myself, and for all the people who I have allowed influence and at times control my life. Based on this awareness, I discovered true clarity reveals itself when we move through four phases [at times simultaneously] on this journey of self-discovery.


AWARENESS - of where we are currently at in knowing who we are. The willingness to step back from the ego and objectively examine all the traits, behaviours, patterns and relationships we have operated from and identified with and packaged up with the label 'this is who I am'. This is the willingness to look directly in the eye of all we love about ourselves and all we would rather run from.

The awareness phase takes courage and is exceptionally rewarding when we let the veils and masks drop and see ourselves with fresh eyes.  Once you embark on this adventure, you truly are opening yourself up to being a life-long spiritual warrior.


FOCUS - this phase builds on what you discovered during Awareness. This is where you get to discern between what serves you and what does not.

Any behaviours, traits, addictions, patterns, relationships that do not allow you to step into being the highest version of yourself require action to change - if you choose. We also examine what benefits you perceive in hanging onto unhelpful patterns and your level of genuine desire to transform. There are many tools available to assist in letting go and in creating new habits that honour who you really are.



MAXIMISING POTENTIAL - this phase focuses on forgiveness of self and others and is the key to personal freedom.

In this phase we work with tools that assist you in eliminating judgment and ego control and compassionately embracing that we are all doing the best we can at the current level of consciousness we find ourselves operating from. We also explore ways to empower you to be effective, respectful, skilled communicators with people across all contexts of your life.


CHOICES - this is where you get to choose moment by moment what your intentions, thoughts, feelings, words or actions will be. It is where you get to continually monitor 'Is what I'm about to do going to move me toward or away from the highest version of myself?' The focus here rests 'souly' in unity consciousness - the understanding that we as humans are all one, therefore when the choices we make serve others, we in turn serve ourselves.